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Financial Effects of an Injury

Recovering from a serious injury is a difficult experience as it is; it can be all the more frustrating when someone else is responsible for your suffering. Sadly, the effects of an injury extend farther than the difficulties of recuperation. People who have been injured commonly find themselves facing thousands of dollars in medical bills. They may also miss work because of their injuries, and in some cases even become unable to do the work they used to do.

Even for people with very good insurance, an unexpected injury can result in heavy debt. Not every insurance plan will cover certain treatments that might be necessary. If you are rushed to an emergency room, there is a chance your insurance will not pay for ambulance bills or treatments offered at an out-of-network hospital. You may even face steep co-pays for treatments that your insurance does cover.

After an injury, days or weeks of disability can mean missing hours at work you desperately need. Some people even lose their jobs following an injury, or are made incapable of returning to the same job. Unemployment can mean loss of insurance coverage for ongoing treatment, resulting in even more medical bills.

If you have been seriously injured, you may be able to recover damages for your medical bills, suffering, time off work, and future difficulty. You should not have to struggle to get by because of an injury for which someone else is accountable.

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