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Drug Interactions

Most prescription drugs, and even many over-the-counter drugs, are very powerful substances. The array and seriousness of side effects varies greatly from drug to drug. Two drugs intended to treat completely different conditions can have side effects affecting the same systems in the body. The wrong drug could have dangerous or even life-threatening interactions.

If you or someone you know has been seriously harmed by a drug interaction, your doctor or pharmacist may be guilty of negligence. To discuss your situation with a Champaign medical malpractice attorney, contact Spiros Law, P.C. at (217) 328-2828.

Preventing Drug Interactions

To prevent drug interactions, it is very important for patients to tell their doctors all the medications they are taking and any serious medical conditions. A drug that increases blood pressure can be completely safe for most people, but someone with heart disease could experience a stroke or heart attack from taking the same drug. Likewise, a healthy person already taking a drug that significantly increases blood pressure should probably not be given another drug that increases blood pressure.

For that reason, physicians are taught how different drugs interact with the body, including side effects. With their knowledge of pharmaceuticals and the human body, we trust doctors to make the right call in writing a prescription. Technology is even making it easier and easier for them to double-check the therapeutic effects and side effects of various drugs. Many doctors even carry a complete digital reference in their pocket.

Doctors’ offices are also increasingly digitizing their medical records. This gives them immediate access to everything that clinic has on file about your medical history. If the doctor has a list of all your medications and your complete medical history, his or her negligence may be the only explanation for the drug interaction that has caused you so much harm.

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If you or someone you love has been seriously harmed because a medical professional failed to prevent a dangerous drug interaction, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and suffering.

To discuss your case with an experienced malpractice lawyer, contact the compassionate Champaign medical malpractice lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C. today at (217) 328-2828.