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Radon Poisoning

Radon is a radioactive gas known to cause lung cancer in humans. Since it is heavier than air, Radon tends to settle in low places such as basements and cellars. In some locales, high concentrations of Radon can be found inside houses as well, especially on the first floor. Over time, exposure to Radon greatly increases a person’s risk of developing lung cancer.

Radon is formed by the radioactive decay of Uranium over millions of years. For that reason it is especially common in areas where subterranean Uranium is found, in particular, near mines. It need not be a Uranium mine for Radon gas to be found: since Radon is so heavy, it tends to accumulate over time underground and can be released during any mining operations.

One dangerous aspect of Radon poisoning is that symptoms may not surface for years. It is possible for a family to be exposed to high levels of Radon for years without noticing any symptoms, before eventually developing lung cancer. The link between Radon and lung cancer is even noticeable among people who smoke. Smokers who are exposed to Radon are at an even greater risk than other smokers of developing cancer.

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