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Scalding Injuries

Burns are among the most painful and dangerous medical conditions. One of the most common sources of burn injuries is very hot fluids, commonly known as scalding. Compared to other burns, scalds can be more difficult to predict. Although no one expects to suffer from a scald injury is his day-to-day life, even household water heaters are capable of producing water hot enough to cause serious injuries.

Consequences of Scald Burns

Scalds are among the most common varieties of burn injuries. While most are relatively minor – such as temporary pain after spilling a hot beverage on your hand – some have severe and even life-threatening consequences. Large amounts of scarring, disfigurement, and even permanent disability are all potential consequences of a major scald burn.

In addition to the damage caused directly by the burn, there can be secondary effects as well. Due to the damage that burns cause to the skin, they have a higher risk of infection that many other types of injury. This is especially true for burns that cover large areas of the body. An infection following a major burn can result in blood sepsis, amputation to stop the spread of infection, and even death.

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