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Ungrounded Electrical Equipment

Modern cities and towns consume enormous amounts of electricity. These high levels of voltage have the potential to cause serious injuries if electrical equipment is not properly controlled. Keeping an electrical current safe from surges requires grounding it to the earth, so that the energy can dissipate. When a circuit isn’t grounded, however, anyone in range can suffer very serious injuries.

How Grounding Works

The earth is able to absorb the energy moving through our electrical systems. By connecting them to the ground, we can prevent sudden increases in voltage from causing damage to equipment or people. This technique has been around for centuries. When Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod, he was using the same principle. When lightning strikes the lightning rod, it is conducted safely into the ground instead of through the building.

Whenever sudden, sharp increases in voltage occur, anyone who is in contact with the circuit can experience intense electrical discharges. As the current passes through the body, they can cause serious internal and external injuries. For that reason, every set of safety guidelines for electricity will specify grounding (or other strategies) for redirecting sudden jolts of electricity away from people.

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