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Two-car accident leaves seven injured

A two-car accident that took place around 9 pm last Saturday, October 12, just north of Danville left seven people injured. According to reports from the Illinois State Police, 22-year-old Eliceo Azanon was driving his car north on Illinois Route 1 when his car swerved into oncoming traffic. A 66-year-old woman driving in the southbound lane… Read More

Three-vehicle crash in Champaign leaves two injured

On Friday afternoon at the 800 block of Bloomington Road around 1:30 p.m. there was a three-vehicle collision in northwest Champaign involving a pickup truck and two passenger cars. A man and a woman in one of the passenger cars sustained serious injuries are were taken to Carle Hospital for treatment. Sgt. Tom Frost of… Read More

Two in hospital following I-74 crash just west of Champaign

Early Wednesday morning, two vehicles collided a mile west of Prospect Avenue while traveling in the westbound lane of I-74. When 21-year-old Luis Cano-Moreno lost control of his car, he sideswiped another vehicle operated by a 24-year-old female from Indianapolis. While Cano-Moreno was released at the scene, both the 24-year-old Indianapolis woman and her 15-year-old… Read More

Homer car collision results in two deaths, three injuries

On Sunday, April 20 a collision in Homer claimed the life of two people. The accident occurred when a Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes Benz collided at an intersection. The impact of the crash caused a fire that responding emergency crews tended to while extracting victims from their respective vehicles. Dorothy Doxtater, 62, and Scott… Read More

Illinois investigates toll worker’s death

The Illinois’ Department of Labor (IDOL) launched an investigation into the January 27 death of an Illinois Tollway maintenance worker. In addition to the death, IDOL is investigating the exact cause of a State troopers injuries. The State trooper was injured on the same day as the toll worker’s death while helping people exit an… Read More

Indiana Man Dies in Accident on I-74

A man died after crashing his van into a median on I-74 near Danville on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013. The man was said to have fallen asleep at the wheel, causing him to enter the median and lose control of his vehicle. Two men were thrown from the van and another had to be cut… Read More

Head-On Collision Results in One Death, One Injury

On Friday morning, a two-car accident on US 150 killed one man and injured another woman. According to Illinois State Police, at 7:23 AM as James Davis II, 58, was approaching the Glover overpass in his Smart Car, he veered into oncoming traffic and hit Colleen Shields, 55, in her Ford Escape. A source reports… Read More

Two-Vehicle Crash Kills Champaign Man

A head-on car accident between a sport utility vehicle and a semi-trailer in rural Champaign on June 5th at approximately 6:05 p.m. has left one man dead. Richard A. Relliford III, a 20-year-old man from Champaign, Illinois, was driving his SUV north on Staley Road when he crossed into the southbound lane and struck a… Read More

Fatal Collision Kills Danville Resident

Aaron M. Bryant, a Danville resident, was involved in a fatal car accident on Monday afternoon. The collision also injured an Indiana resident, who was taken to a nearby hospital. Bryant is reported to have been traveling eastbound on East Voorhees Street around 1:30 p.m. when his vehicle veered into oncoming traffic, hitting a pickup… Read More

Rollover Accidents on Interstate 57 Leave 5 Injured

Two vehicles on Interstate 57 struck each other on Sunday, April 28th, causing both to rollover and injuring all of the vehicles’ occupants. The accident occurred around 2:30 in the afternoon, when a Champaign-area woman heading south on the Interstate left her lane, causing her SUV to strike a pickup truck driving next to her… Read More