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Types of Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks fill our highways and interstates, and these large vehicles can pose risk to other drivers on the road. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles, they can cause an immense amount of devastation to themselves and other drivers on the road when involved in an accident. In fact, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety… Read More

Two Villa Grove residents injured in three-vehicle crash

A three-vehicle accident on Interstate 74 caused two Villa Grove residents to be sent to the hospital. According to state police officials, the accident occurred near Oakwood on Monday afternoon when the 21-year-old driver of a Ford Mustang hydroplaned because of wet road conditions. The car then spun across the lanes of traffic before it… Read More

Five taken to hospital after Murdock truck accident

Five people were taken to the Carle Foundation hospital after a truck accident occurred Friday afternoon. According to officials, the accident occurred in the rural areas of Murdock when a 38-year-old truck driver lost control of the vehicle while traveling west bound. The truck then jack-knifed across the road and spun out of control. Police… Read More

One injured in truck accident in Champaign County

One man was injured after a truck accident occurred in Champaign County that ended with the man’s vehicle in a ditch. According to the Champaign County sheriff’s office, the accident occurred Wednesday morning when law enforcement got a called just after 8:40. A passing motorist called to report that a truck was in a ditch… Read More

One injured in semitrailer rollover on Illinois Route 1

One person was injured as a result of a semitrailer rollover accident that occurred on Illinois Route 1. According to officials, the accident occurred as the driver of a semitrailer was traveling down the roadway and his truck veered off of the side of the road. In an effort to get the truck back on… Read More

Champaign woman injured in semi-truck accident

This past Wednesday morning, a Champaign woman was injured in an accident with a semi-truck on Interstate 74. According to the Illinois State Police, the 28-year old woman was traveling eastbound on the highway at around 7:35 A.M.  When passing through a work zone, she noticed a semi-truck coming up behind her too fast.  The… Read More

Truck and motorcycle accident leaves one man dead

A motorcycle and truck accident on U.S. 45 South claimed the life of one Flora man. According to Illinois State Patrol, the accident occurred as a 31-year-old man was driving a motorcycle down the roadway and it struck a pickup truck. The pickup truck stopped at a stop sign on U.S. 45 West, but failed… Read More

Truck driver charged in nine-vehicle crash

A 56-year-old truck driver has been charged with reckless homicide after a nine-vehicle crash in Illinois killed three people last year. The Louisiana man was charged with reckless homicide, aggravated reckless driving and other driving charges. Authorities have said that the man was  too fatigued to be driving when he collided with slowed vehicles on… Read More

Man killed in Illinois truck rollover accident

A 47-year-old man was killed after being involved in a rollover truck accident in Wayne County. According to Illinois State Police, the accident occurred as the man was heading westbound on Route 15 and he swerved to the left in order to avoid striking a vehicle that was in front of him. The truck then… Read More

Semi-truck involved in accident with two mini vans

A multi-vehicle accident caused delays in traffic as two semi- trucks were involved in an accident with two mini vans. According to Illinois State Police, the accident occurred when one of the semi-trucks hit another truck causing it to be pushed into two vans. The fuel tank of one of the semi-trucks was ripped off… Read More