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Sandy Loeb Received Leading Lawyers Recognitions

One of our partners at Spiros Law, P.C., Sandy Loeb, was recognized as being among the Top 100 Downstate Illinois Leading Consumer Lawyers, as well as being a part of the Top 10 Downstate Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. In the Leading Lawyers May 2019 edition, Sandy was interviewed and written about, revealing achievements from her career and how her law career began. Written by Theresa Churchill, the article on Sandy details her motivation to help the little guy in workers’ compensation and how she is dedicated to remaining with her clients for the long haul. Her impressive track record of results does not come in shock, for she treats every case, big or small, as a case of importance to her and the individual that has been injured on the job. She is known as one of the go-to workers’ compensation attorney, serving clients all over Central Illinois.

Sandy has a passion for running, whether it be within the community she resides, or trail running in nearby parks. In the article, she recounts her love for running beginning at a young age when she would go on runs with her father. In high school, she started to think about a career in publishing, but her criminal justice teacher urged her to consider a different path, saying that “her mind worked like a lawyer’s.” However, Sandy pursued a career in English at the University of Illinois and later moved to New York City, where she began working as a copy editor. After some time in New York, she soon moved back to Illinois where she began working at a few different law firms and then attended law school back at the University of Illinois. After finishing law school and at her first job in Chicago, she started to focus on workers’ compensation cases and continued to do so when she moved to Spiros Law in 2008.

The article mentions notable characteristics of Sandy, including her role model behavior to others, her modest attitude, and her professionalism. Sandy is commended on by her peers for always keeping a level-head under stress and remaining calm. She recounts a couple of her past cases that had a large impact on her career; ones that although the compensation award may have not been large, the case itself was meaningful in that he required devoted representation. One of the problems Sandy faces that the article brings to light is the difficulty workers’ compensation clients often face, due to the close relationship with them and their employer. However, Sandy makes a point to help convince her clients to not take the employer’s reaction too personal, for there is a reason why there is a law for these types of incidences. The article finishes by circling back to her love for running and how that plays a part in keeping her calm and focused heading into her work day. You can find the full article here.